Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review And Release Date News

By | March 22, 2020
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review And Release Date News

The game world is developed quickly and widely. Of course, we can find new games time after time. New games usually come with new technology and story. Nevertheless, there will always be a game that will be loved by everyone. A game that is considered classic yet people just want to play it again. It will be so much better if there is a remake of the game. This can be something that people will think Final Fantasy 7. The remake has been released and people might be curious about this legendary game.


One thing that people can find from the remake of Final Fantasy 7 is that it is very satisfying not only for them who have played the game but also for them who are still new with this game. Of course, we have to expect more from the remake especially in the visual aspect. The visuals of the original game might be one reason why this game is beloved by many people. The remake version of course still maintains the gorgeous visuals with much more improvement. Visual is not the only reason why this game is phenomenal at its time. People also love the combat and excellent combat experience can be found when playing the remake version of Final Fantasy 7. The opening of the game story is kept as the original one. However, people can find more additional stories within the remake game and they will find them amazing. The remake also allows players to experiment when playing the games since it comes with side quests as well.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake might come with new technology touch for improving the visuals and combat experience. It even comes with more interesting additional stories that make the game playing much more attractive. However, there are still some drawbacks that can be found from the remake version. People cannot ignore the fact that the game is pretty linear. It is also possible that some players will not like Square. There is also Enix that is playing with the game story.

Nevertheless, the fact that Final Fantasy 7 Remake can recreate the original game-opening portion must be fascinating. From the game with the 5-8 hours section only, the game is remade into 40 hours game that is full of RPG experience. People can be Final Fantasy lovers or not, but they will be able to find one of the best storytelling and gameplay in the world of Final Fantasy game.

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