How Much Does Xbox Live Cost

By | July 20, 2020
How Much Does Xbox Live Cost

What happens if you hear about Microsoft? Maybe most of you will immediately think about the Windows operating system or Microsoft Office software, of course, but have you listened to and known about Xbox Live?

You need to know if Microsoft has an industry focus in the gaming world, one of their flagship products is this Xbox. Just like other companies like Sony which rely on PlayStation for example, or Steam which is a mainstay of Valve.

Along with the development of increasingly modern technological age, various game industry players are currently trying to evolve into games where previously it could only be played alone and offline, later it could be easier to play together and can also be played online.

Xbox Live is an online video game service owned by Microsoft that offers its players to be able to play exclusive games that only exist on Xbox only. Initially, Xbox from Microsoft is also known as the only online game service through a console that requires its players to pay to be able to play multiplayer with others. But now, the Xbox can be used both free and paid.

Of course, some differences distinguish between free and paid versions. Among these is, by using a service, you can play games online with other people. Also, with paid services, you can access social media services as well as television services and other entertainment services directly.

Naturally, you will get a variety of exclusive services because you have subscribed to the Xbox service. Even so, if you don’t worry too much about it and just for fun to play games, then it never hurts for you to use the free version only.

What makes this Xbox service even more interesting than other services is where there is a community of gamers with a very large number of members, streaming services and can also be played directly on Windows 10 without incurring any additional costs.

You also need to know if this Microsoft game service often offers free game offers every month that you can take advantage of course. Also, here are awards that you can get if you use existing services. Awards that you get can later be exchanged with a variety of gift choices that can be exchanged for awards that you have received.

After all, many assume that Xbox Live is also better and more reliable than similar services from its competitors. So, even though it’s a bit more expensive, it doesn’t hurt you to use it because of the best quality you will get.

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