How much is an HBO GO Subscription

By | October 15, 2020
How much is an HBO GO Subscription

People must be familiar with HBO as one of the most popular TV services that can be enjoyed. People usually have to enjoy it on TV but nowadays, they are also offered with the streaming service options called HBO GO. This service can be considered as the live TV version of Netflix after all. Unlike the original HBO, there is no contract needed for enjoying the show on HBO GO. However, people have to subscribe to enjoy the streaming service. The subscription fee is started at $25 per month. People will be able to live to stream various kinds of cable channels from CNN to ESPN with HD quality.


Many good things can be found from the HBO GO streaming service. One thing for sure, this service can be used easily and it thanks to its simple user interface that is streamlined. People will not find the conventional style of user interface because people can find the style that is more visual from this streaming service. People can also get the additional feature of a cloud DVR service. By paying a bit more, people can use the cloud to store the scheduled recordings. More hours of cloud storage can be added to the Sling account by paying more. People no longer have to worry that they will miss their favorite program on HBO GO with this feature. HBO GO can simply the cord channel television after all.


HBO GO might come with various benefits but still, people have to consider the disadvantages that can also be found from this streaming service. Use HBO GO means that people have to deal with the streaming sticks and that they have to struggle with it. Since people have to use the Sling account, it means that the program that should be in HD format might turn into pixilated imagery. The resolution of the image is low and it can be a huge drawback for the streaming experience. It can also be quite frustrating when the connection drops on a regular basis. If there is one thing that people do not expect from an application is that it can crash badly. Bad crashing habits can be found from the HBO GO app after all. Several features can be found on the app and they should be great for improving the streaming experience. Unfortunately, some of them cannot be used on all channels such as the start over feature. Still, HBO GO can be a good idea as long as people do not have other non-stick streaming gadgets such as Roku TV or Nvidia Shield.

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