Resident Evil 3 Remake , Review And Release Date + Pre Order Bonus

By | February 14, 2020

It seems that nowadays is the revival era of some favorite games in the past. A remake is not only a trend applied in the movie industry. It can also be found in the game industry. Several games got a lot of love from the public in the past and it is remade with better technology and stories so people can experience old but new experience from the same game. This is something that is done to Resident Evil 3. There is no question that this game is highly played all around the world at a time and it seems that the developer is ready to conquer the world with the remake one. But, can the remake be as big as the original one?


The original Resident Evil 3 was released in 1999. Of course, people can imagine the difference in technology used in 1999 and 2020. That is why people can have great expectations from the remake since it is one of the most beloved games. The remake is completely beautiful thanks to the latest technology used. Top-notch experience can be found when players do the combat and exploration. Even the atmosphere when playing the game can be top-notch as well. This is something that people are looking for when playing Resident Evil 3 for sure. Since there is a remake of the game, people might have an expectation that the series can go forward to the next story. It is great that people can find the teaser of an exciting future that can be the continuation of the series. Because there are unlockables features, people are allowed to enjoy so many replay values in the campaign. 


Now, it is time to talk more about the cons of Resident Evil 3 because no game is perfect. People love a quite complicated story when playing the game. Unfortunately, they will find the campaign that is too short. It also retreads to the older ground. It is normal if people want to find Nemesis that is big or even overwhelming, but they will not find it in the remake version. It is fun to find Resident Evil Resistance but it can be considered messy that makes it not that fun. 

If people are looking for a spooky game playing experience that is packed in gorgeous style, Resident Evil 3 can give what they are looking for. However, people can be disappointed because their standard of Capcom might be quite high to be achieved by this remake game.

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