Samsung Galaxy S20 120hz Review, Is Better Than S10 ?

By | August 15, 2020

This year Samsung finally released its latest smartphone product, Galaxy S20 series. Samsung products from this series have 3 types, namely Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20 +, and Samsung Galaxy Ultra. Despite being in the same series, the three types of smartphones have their respective differences between them.

One of them is the size of each smartphone. As the first product, of course, the Samsung Galaxy S20 has a smaller size than other products that have been developed. Even so, this type of smartphone has a difference that is not so far from the next generation, Samsung Galaxy S20 +. This can be seen from the rear camera that carries a resolution of 10 MP. It’s just that, specifically for the Galaxy S20 + added a depth sensor camera only.

The price of the three types of this series also has a difference that is not so far. Galaxy S20 is offered at a cheaper price than Galaxy S20 +, and Galaxy Ultra is offered at a price that is quite high from this series. Of course, this is affected because the screen size of the Galaxy Ultra which is larger reaches 6.9 inches, a 5000 mAh battery, and also a RAM of 12 GB.

In addition to the screen size, battery, RAM and rear camera, there are no significant differences between the three. It could be said if the three Samsung Galaxy series uses the same system and technology. Besides, this also applies to the internal storage memory that all three of them have, which is 128 GB. For the record, even though it has a fairly large size, still this internal memory will be used for some default applications so that later we will only get about 87 percent of the internal memory that has been used.

For your color, later we can choose four different colors available, starting from a cosmic gray, blue cloud, pink cloud, and cosmic black. If we want to see the color availability that we want, then we can see it on Samsung’s official online site at select purchase. If it’s no longer available, usually there will be a notification or the color option that we want is no longer available. It’s different if we buy it at Samsung’s official physical store we have to ask first whether the color stock we want is still there or not. That’s way if you plan to buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 just do it online later.

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