Sony PlayStation 5 Price, Review, And Release Date

By | June 20, 2020

Who is waiting for the latest release of the PlayStation game console? The game console offered by Sony might be one of the best experiences that people can get for playing games. Of course, other game consoles can be chosen but some things make people are waiting for Sony Playstation 5 release. 


Internal storage memory is an essential key to open up the game world wider. That is why people need to check on this aspect when looking for the best game console. Sony PlayStation 5 comes with custom SSD with 825GB capacity. It might be less than SSD capacity that can be found in the Xbox Series X but it can be implemented greatly for PlayStation 5 technology. Loading can be done faster with this SSD. Do not forget that PlayStation 5 is also powered by AMD Zen 2 CPU processor 3.5GHz along with AMD RDNA 2 GPU 2.23GHz. It means that PS5 will be able to handle the backward compatibility of PS4 easily. Tempest Engine is also used for providing 3D audio technology support.


There is still no explanation about the way Playstation 5 will look like although people can make speculation about its look. Nevertheless, the logo for PlayStation 5 has been revealed already at CES 2020. Well, it is actually just the logo of PlayStation 4 but the 4 is replaced with a 5 instead.

DualSense Controller

A new gamepad will be used for PlayStation 5. It is called the PS5 DualSense controller. People can expect that it comes with a bold black and white scheme. Four face buttons can still be found that consists of Cross, Square, Circle, and Triangle. There are also L2 and R2 should buttons that will be adaptive so players can feel the tension when playing the game.

Game to Play What can people play on PlayStation 5? It seems the majority of the games that are available on the PS4 library can be played on PS5 including PSVR games. There are also more rumors about the

game that can be played on this console such as The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, new God of War, and Horizon Zero Dawn.


There is no confirmation yet about the price of Playstation 5. It is said that the price will be about $499 but it is still a speculation. The price might depend on the technology cost, manufacturing cost, and of course, the competitor’s game console cost.

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