What’s Quibi App Streaming Price & Review

By | May 15, 2020

Nowadays, people are offered with various kinds of mobile streaming service. People can feel free to choose the options from Youtube to Netflix. There is also a unique mobile streaming service called Quibi. However, some things make it different from other streaming services. Quibi provides exclusive content including news, talk shows, reality shows, comedies, and drama programs but all of those programs have not more than ten minutes in each episode. Quibi is an interesting short-form entertainment that has never been found before. However, is it really worth it?

Free Trials for 3 Months

A new option of entertainment that can be enjoyed in a short time sounds great especially for people who are busy with their daily life. They do not want to waste their time watching the entertainment program but they still need to get entertained. Quibi sounds interesting to try and people will find it great since it comes with 90 days trial for free. Many things can be explored within three months moreover if the contents only have an episode of ten minutes.

Turnstyle Feature

Flipping between portrait and landscape mode is a unique thing that can be done with a smartphone. It is impossible to do this with the TV. However, many streaming services still use the TV rule on its content because the shows can also be enjoyed on TV. Quibi offers another interesting feature called Turnstyle that allows the user to flip between landscape and portrait mode. Of course, the show will fit both modes in full screen automatically. This feature sounds attractive for certain types of shows such as thriller drama.

Various Shows

Quibi might be still a new streaming service but it comes with a great plan for offering better entertainment options. There will be about 175 new shows to release in the first year. Every weekday there will be at least 25 new episodes available. The shows are varied from drama to comedy but there are also talk shows and news shows that are packed in podcast-like format.

Not for TV Unfortunately, the fun that is offered by Quibi can be enjoyed on the smartphone display only. When other streaming services can be enjoyed on TV as well, people cannot do the same thing for watching Quibi shows. This might be another reason why people have to think twice about whether they have to get this streaming service or not. The subscription payment that is about $5 can be quite overwhelming especially when there if Youtube that can be enjoyed for free.

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