Zoom Meeting Review: The Best Work From Home Companion

By | August 7, 2020

If you’ve been working from home since the Covid-19 outbreak, you must at least know about Zoom. It’s the most popular choice among companies that have to conduct work from home – and for a good reason.

About Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting is a video conferencing service. It has become a key tool for virtual meetings, especially for working or studying from home during the pandemic. But why is it so popular?


  1. Hosting a meeting

You don’t need an account to join a meeting. But to host a meeting or invite other people, you need to create an account using Facebook, Google, or your e-mail address.

To invite people to your meeting, you’ll get a unique URL that people can click on to join. You can also use the Personal Meeting ID if the link isn’t working. You also need to provide the password to join the meeting.

  1. Audio and video

Zoom has HD video and audio. You can use the audio from your computer or mobile device, or dial in using a standard rate or toll-free number. However, there’s no toll-free number for the US or the UK.

If your connection isn’t very good, you can join without audio or video. If you’re the host, you also have the ability to mute everyone’s audio, or prevent anyone from muting their audio.

  1. Filters

Zoom’s “Touch Up My Appearance” filter smoothens your skin and allows you to choose virtual backgrounds to replace your actual background. It’s a favorite among those working from home.

  1. Paid Features

Even if you’re only using a free account, you can still use Zoom Meeting conveniently. However, you can only host a meeting with a maximum of 100 participants. Moreover, meetings for 3 or more people hosted by a free account is limited to only 40 minutes. But it’s still quite generous, since there’s no time limit for the first time you host a meeting. Plus, one-on-one calls are not limited.

Zoom Meeting offers paid plans starting from as low as $14.99, which is great for smaller teams. Paid users have benefits such as the ability to hold meetings for unlimited participants in unlimited time and get typed transcripts of calls and meetings.

Final Verdict

Zoom Meeting is very good for online meetings. The free account already provides many conveniences. While, the paid plans are reasonably priced and have helpful features especially for corporations. Highly recommended.

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